Burlesque Casual, by Artemis

Ladies, are you exhausted from hours of physical exercise in order to excite the man in your life? Well Artemis Dubois is here to show you a different, more casual way!

Don’t forget to sign up for her exclusive classes — although it seems that this video is so casual, it fails to provide contact information.

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Ken Davitian, On Being a Celebrity

It’s rare that our BTS crew gets to capture footage of a guest star baring his spirit to us in the way that Ken does in the clip below. I never thought a celebrity could even be this honest about himself, or what his life has amounted to. Truly one of the bravest actors working today.

If this video doesn’t make you weep with pride, perhaps you can weep with sadness when you realize the Season 9 finale is airing tonight. That’s right, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ends this season on a very special Thanksgiving episode, 10pm on FXX!

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Dennis Isnt That Dark

Lots of fans have said that Dennis has been especially dark this year… Whatever that means. If “dark” equals charming with a magnetic personality, then we completely agree! And so does Glenn by the way, as you can see here:

Not sure what that last part is all about, but let’s go ahead and kill these rumors that Dennis is dark. Let’s kill them slowly and with the total amount of terror that a rumor can feel as it slowly slips away to the void.

Be sure not to check the trunks of our cars, and instead check out the Season 9 finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tonight at 10pm, on FXX!

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Mac VS Yakuza

The Yakuza fight scene from “The Gang Saves the Day” was probably the most complex shoot Sunny has ever had, and the crew stepped up to make a seriously kick ass action sequence. Most notably, Marc Scizak and his group of highly trained stunt ninjas. We caught up with Marc on set to see some of the planning phases for his fight, and we also learned that Rob McElhenney had just one day(!) of prep before filming. The results are impressive to say the least:

And yes, Marc is the guy who literally stands in for Mac at one point in Lethal Weapon 6. It took me a while to recognize him too, mostly because anyone wearing that wig just looks like Mel Gibson to me.

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Buy Mac’s T-Shirt and Help the Homeless


Click For the FX Shop Page

The FX shop just made these T-Shirts available, and they have a pretty cool story behind them. Our set costumer on Sunny, Bryan Birge, started a T-Shirt company a few years back with the goal of raising money to help the homeless. He would sell clothing at flea markets, farmers markets, any kind of market really. Bryan used proceeds to purchase supplies and hand them out to the homeless in skid row, Los Angeles.

He quickly learned that when you’re alone on skid row and distributing free supplies, things can get chaotic. Bryan began looking for local organizations that help the homeless, and found the Union Rescue Mission. They provide some amazing programs, check out the video at the top of this post for more info on them.

Flash forward to the filming of “The Gang Gets Quarantined”. While going through some of his wardrobe options for the episode, Rob McElhenney picks out Bryan’s shirt and learns about the proceeds going to a good cause. Being the ridiculously awesome guy he is, next thing you know he’s wearing Bryan’s shirt for an entire episode — not to mention publicity photos. On top of that, FX has made Bryan’s shirt available through their online store.

Click here to check it out in the FX shop, and support a good cause!

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Wrapping Up Sunny’s 100th Episode

Sunny celebrated 100 episodes on Wednesday, which is pretty wild considering the humble beginnings of this show (read more about that here). I don’t think anyone involved with Sunny at the start, cast or crew, would have believed you if you went back and told them that not only would everyone still be working here 100 episodes later — but that Mac would be kicking the shit out of ninjas to Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up.” It just didn’t seem possible at the time. Yet here we are, and that was indeed Mac doing wire-fu stunts and flinging Yakuza around a convenience store.

This episode was a lot of fun to watch the making of, mostly because it was so outside our normal territory from a production standpoint. The time we spent on Mac’s ninja fight alone would have been enough to shoot every scene of a regular episode. The result was completely badass and the crew got to see some serious Cirque du Soleil action thanks to stunt coordinator Marc Scizak and his talented ninja squad.

We also collaborated with Floyd County Productions to create Charlie’s animated fantasy sequence. Those are the guys responsible for Archer, and they created a pretty amazing Pixar parody that deserves its own accolades. There’s all kinds of subtle things in that sequence that I’m still noticing — like this Nightman book:


Dee as “Mr. Covington” was hilarious and kinda creepy in an uncanny valley sort of way. Dennis found a way to make getting shot in the head funny, and even he seemed a bit surprised by his own fantasy at the end there. All in all, the world these characters live in has its limits, but in “The Gang Saves the Day” these limits were abolished and we got to see just how far the minds behind (and within) this show are able to go. We probably won’t see another episode like this until Season 20, so hopefully you all enjoyed the celebration for now.

Speaking of celebration, you may have seen this van driving around the streets of Los Angeles this week:


That’s the Sunny post production department representing the true essence of what it means to be part of the team. God knows how much it cost to get a magnet that big, but those guys are hardcore so why should they care? To challenge their initiative, everyone in the web department carved “100th Episode” into their foreheads but the network won’t let us post those pics. Magnets were a much cleaner idea it turns out.

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Charlie does Danny’s wardrobe behind the scenes

We all know Charlie Day is a man of many talents, but no doubt people will still be shocked to learn just how hands-on Charlie (and the rest of the gang) can be with the shooting process. Below we see Charlie, as well as Rob and Glenn, getting their hands all over a very sensitive wardrobe situation.

This part didn’t make it in the video, but RCG also built that entire coil around Danny while he was sleeping at home and transported it to set with him trapped inside. It’s all part of the love and respect that goes into making IASIP. And because tighty whities are funny.

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The other takes of Charlie’s “spider in my hole” song

Last week, during “The Gang Tries Desperately To Win an Award,” you folks only saw a small portion of Charlie’s spraypaint-fueled “spider in my hole” song. We filmed around 6 or 7 takes, and every time Charlie went at it he brought something new to the song (even changing the genre completely at times). Tim Roche, one of our editors, says it best in the clip below that it felt like Charlie was putting on a performance for the crew to enjoy. Personally it’s the best concert I’ve been to in years.

If you like this clip, don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter for more BTS from the set of Always Sunny.

Season 9 continues tonight at 10pm, on FXX!

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Glenn Makes a Kings of Leon Promo

There was an odd period of time during the filming of Sunny Season 9 that Glenn simply disappeared. It wasn’t so much the amount of time he stayed missing, but that when he finally resurfaced he seemed different. Like he had conquered something huge, moved some massive mountain of fear and regret from within himself to reveal a temple of enlightenment. I thought he had found God, if you want me to be honest.

As it turns out, he just spent an hour and a half shooting a promo for Kings of Leon.

The title of this Youtube video is confusing, it should really say “Glenn Makes a Kings of Leon Promo” but I’m not about to tell Kings of Leon what to do. I’d rather tell you what to do, which is to go buy the new Kings of Leon album on iTunes. Do it!

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Anything below this post may contain SPOILERS For the First Two Weeks of Season 9

Just letting you know. Didn’t want to be a jabroni. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes yet, probably avoid everything below this post until you have — and then please come back and watch our funny BTS videos and news about Sunny! This post is safe though. In fact here’s a completely non-spoiler twitter response video from Glenn and Rob, enjoy!

I mean maybe it is a spoiler. It is and it isn’t. Go ahead and watch it.

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Thoughts after “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot”



When Sunny wants to, it can get damn political. Even this random nun who reports on world news has taken notice.

I think that article is saying Sunny is a good show? I dunno, I didn’t read it. ANYWAY while watching last night’s episode, you might have missed a Season 2 callback when Dennis and Dee attempt to buy an assault rifle from a guy under a bridge. That guy is none other than Keith Bullard, who we last saw doing the exact same thing in “Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare”, back in 2006. We caught up with Keith on set in Philadelphia to document his character’s apparent rise through the criminal underworld:

Big thanks to Keith for taking the time to talk with us, and here’s hoping he gets that stem cell episode!

Hope you guys are enjoying the season so far. There’s still a ton more to see, both on your TV and right here at Paddy’s Pub Blog. I was thinking of just uploading all of our behind-the-scenes content at once and submitting for an Emmy as “Most Spoiler Filled Blog on a Basic Cable Comedy”. I’m pretty sure Mother Jones would win that though since she’s basically posting all of HBO’s Newsroom plotlines a year in advance.

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Chase Utley’s Response to Mac

The folks over at MLB Fan Cave made a lot of people happy last week when they uploaded this video of Chase Utley responding to the letter Mac wrote back in Season 5 (“The World Series Defense”):

Here’s the full transcript of Chase’s response in case you want to copy and paste and throw hashtags and shit in there; I dunno what you kids do with your time:

Dear Mac,

I feel like I can call you Mac because you called me Chase. Sorry it took me five years to write back, but I’m really busy playing a lot of baseball for the Phillies. Thank you for your compliment on my hair. It’s my fourth favorite thing after baseball, running fast, and my dad. I’m sorry your dad doesn’t like you. Maybe you could try being a better son. Meeting you and having a game of catch sounds like a lot of fun but like I said I’m really busy playing a lot of baseball for the Phillies. I hope you have a good life. Fans like you make my life a “grand slam”!

Your good friend,


From a basic cable late night comedy show’s blog writer’s point of view, I thought it was a great line when Chase suggested Mac be a better son. I know Chase has already guest-starred in an earlier episode (“The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods”, S6E11), but let’s hope this response somehow finds a way into the Sunny universe. I mean I wouldn’t tell you if it did happen, I would just go “yessss” quietly to myself and wait for you all suckers to hear about it on twitter.

Subscribe to MLB Fan Cave on Youtube when you get a chance. And keep checking back on the blog as we lead up to another brand new Sunny, on FXX!

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Conan O’Brien Records Voiceover for Sunny Live while Interviewing Charlie

Here’s a callback from Charlie Day’s Conan interview that should make sense after last week’s premiere

I was clicking around that teamcoco site for a while, and oh my god they have so much content on that website. Their webisode department is really kicking the shit out of what we’ve got going on. I’m not a competitive person normally, but this really made me want to step things up a notch. First things first, we’re going to install a virus on their servers and shut them down for good. Second thing is we’re done after that. That’s when we pop champagne bottles. I’m already making the craigslist post.

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“Joke’s on Dee” shirts available in the FX Shop

The final five minutes of last week’s Season 9 premiere should have been enough to let you know Sunny’s not going to F around this year. I watched this episode with my roommates, and during the moment when Charlie Mac and Frank first reveal their “Joke’s on Dee” t-shirts, one of them said “I wanna buy that shirt”. I quickly spun my laptop around to face them, displaying the FX shop, while screaming “YOU ALREADY CAN, YOU GODDAMN IDIOT!”




By the way if anyone out there is looking for a new roommate who grows furious about small things, please let me know.

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Well, not quite yet. But seeing as how we work in the promotional department of this show, we want you to FEEL like it’s back at this very moment. Then we want to take that away from you when you realize there’s still hours left before Season 9 airs. The subsequent emotion with that realization, which we at FXX marketing call the “goddammit when does this show air” emotion, is how we keep prospective viewers engaged and aware of each minute ticking by that you’re NOT watching brand new episodes of Sunny. With our millions of dollars in advertising money, we are going to keep the time between now and 10pm riddled with constant reminders that you are not watching brand new Sunny, but it will be available in the future which you do not presently occupy – and by the way it’s really funny and you should watch it.

Season 9 is set to continue Sunny’s tradition of constantly reinventing itself, none of which will be spoiled on this blog. I absolutely hate spoilers – especially for comedy. Ruining payoffs for comedy is the worst thing ever. Just because I know exactly what happens during every episode and I’ve watched them all before you doesn’t mean I’ll do something stupid like blow a great joke or expose an unexpected punchline. For instance, there’s a certain T-Shirt featured in tonight’s episode that we’re going to start selling in the Sunny FX Shop — but it might be a spoiler if I told you what kind of T-Shirt or what it says. Think of this blog as a safe zone to visit before each episode. We want you guys to come here for pre-episode banter and post-episode behind-the-scenes clips. Also go buy that T-Shirt tomorrow. You’ll know which one it is.

More on the post-episode BTS clips, we were on set every day of filming; capturing moments between takes that you can see embedded right here on Paddy’s Pub Blog. Please subscribe to us on the yonder right menu bar – which means you’ll be notified every time we have an update. Take a look at our youtube channel to see what we’ve done with past seasons. We’ve got a lot of funny sketches, straight BTS, and other genres that we’re all hoping finally wins this show an Emmy for astounding web content on a basic cable show. If we don’t win, the network is going to sell us to China to write copy for pharmaceutical spam e-mail.

Check getfxx.com to see where you need to tune in tonight, and don’t forget to leave your comments below to tell us what else you’d like to see on this blog for Season 9. Cheers bitches!

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Season 9 Premiere info, also where to find FXX

TV show blogs may seem like a weird idea at first. People just aren’t used to following the writing of an anonymous person or persons who may or may not have any knowledge of the show they’re promoting. Hell, I don’t even read this blog. I’m literally screaming all of these words into my computer’s voice recognition software then blindly mashing “POST ENTRY” afterwards. Usually I’ll get an e-mail from Legal about blah blah threatening language whatever — I honestly don’t remember. I screamed at my computer a long time ago to mark those as spam.

My point is, we here at Paddy’s Pub Blog understand that we need to go an extra mile to nurture dependence from your average basic cable consumer. That’s why this year we all made sure to be on set for the entire run of Always Sunny Season 9, as an embedded behind-the-scenes webisode department. We. Filmed. Everything. There’s more hard drives in our office right now than the NSA; But instead of the closely guarded personal information of innocent citizens, it’s BTS footage from the brand new season of Sunny!

So after each episode, remember to visit Paddy’s Blog for more of the gang in behind-the-scenes sketches, interviews, and other moments on set that would have gone to waste without one of our cameras rolling. Or you could let us go the extra mile and remind you when new Sunny content is online. All you have to do is subscribe to us here:

Paddy’s Pub Blog on Youtube!

Sunny Mailbag Twitter!

Official Facebook Page!

We’ll be helping you count down the days until new episodes, so keep checking back for all the information you need for when Sunny premieres September 4th, only on FXX. Yes that’s an extra X — Sunny’s moving to a new channel. Check the handy link below to see where to point your DVR’s:


Don’t worry, we’ll keep reminding you about that one.

So let us know what you hope to see from Sunny this year in the comments section below, or just post “First” like an idiot. We don’t care, it’s just good to be back. Here’s some Swedish promos:


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Court room drama and car violence abound in tonight’s Sunny Season Finale!

Welcome back to the blog one last time everybody — Not because tonight’s episode is the Season 8 finale but because tomorrow the entire world is supposed to catch fire and evaporate or something. I have a feeling nobody’s going to mind so long as they’re caught up on Sunny, so congratulations on making it this far!

Check out our Facebook for a teaser of tonight’s episode:

This was without a doubt one of the greatest seasons of Sunny ever. I know I say that every year on the blog, but this season was extra special. I don’t know if each episode got juiced up because it was a shorter season or what, but god damn this entire season played like a “greatest of” box set despite the fact they were all brand new episodes. And from what I can tell, the internet agrees with me, so let’s all pay tribute to Sunny for giving us a truly top notch season. Saluti!

Tune in tonight at 10pm for the Season 8 finale, only on FX!

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Sunny Facts! Guigino’s Restaurant is named after Carla Gugino, boom that one’s free.

A lot of fans want to know where the “real” Paddy’s Pub is located, as if it’s hidden down some shady alley deep within the heart of Philadelphia.  Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but it’s unlikely that bar would have stayed open long enough to last 8 seasons either because it went bankrupt or its owners died from alcohol poisoning. Perhaps the closest thing we’ll get to consider a “real” Paddy’s actually exists in Downtown Los Angeles, in the old Herald Examiner Building. That’s where the original set for Paddy’s was built, and where the show filmed its first two seasons.

But before the gang set up shop, this building belonged to newspaper mogul William Randalph Hearst (the man “Citizen Kane” was based on). In this behind-the-scenes piece we take a tour through the history of the building where Sunny got its start, and why they keep coming back:

And of course it’s Thursday which means brand new Sunny! It’s a night for celebration at the gang’s favorite restaurant. But God help everyone else eating there, because as we all know you can’t put these characters anywhere near each other for prolonged periods of time without all hell breaking loose.

Check out the carnage tonight at 10pm, only on FX.

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Sex Tape Advice with Dennis Reynolds

Perhaps only once in a lifetime does a man become so firmly in charge of his own sexual universe as Dennis Reynolds. When he’s not devising systems for guaranteed courtship, he’s teaching those systems to lesser men. It should come as no surprise that Dennis would thrust himself out onto the internet, known for its complete lack of sexual knowledge. So here you are, folks — your messiah has arrived:

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Charlie Rules the World tonight!

Isn’t this digital age great that we live in? I can just fling webisodes and blog posts around like it’s my job, and it turns out it is my job! And it’s other people’s jobs too? Holy shit, that’s great man. At this point you can basically just turn me into a computer and I’d be cool with that. On the internet, you never have a reason to pay attention to anything that’s physically happening around you. That reality stops mattering once you see you can start over in a brand new, more awesome reality.

And that’s fine with me, because the physical reality sucks and the price for failure is oftentimes a very permanent kind of death. However, if I fail at writing a good blog post, I just get sad and casually sip a beer. Maybe take a nap. That’s the reality I want to live in. Anyway I think that’s what the episode tonight is sort of about too but really I just wanted to put it out there that I am 100% down to be made into a computer. Not a robot, a computer. Like a Dell or something.

Just make sure you live in the reality where you watch brand new Sunny tonight at 10pm, only on FX.  And tune in to the blog right after for a very special lesson in intimacy from none other than Dennis Reynolds. Enjoy!

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