When Sunny wants to, it can get damn political. Even this random nun who reports on world news has taken notice.

I think that article is saying Sunny is a good show? I dunno, I didn’t read it. ANYWAY while watching last night’s episode, you might have missed a Season 2 callback when Dennis and Dee attempt to buy an assault rifle from a guy under a bridge. That guy is none other than Keith Bullard, who we last saw doing the exact same thing in “Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare”, back in 2006. We caught up with Keith on set in Philadelphia to document his character’s apparent rise through the criminal underworld:

Big thanks to Keith for taking the time to talk with us, and here’s hoping he gets that stem cell episode!

Hope you guys are enjoying the season so far. There’s still a ton more to see, both on your TV and right here at Paddy’s Pub Blog. I was thinking of just uploading all of our behind-the-scenes content at once and submitting for an Emmy as “Most Spoiler Filled Blog on a Basic Cable Comedy”. I’m pretty sure Mother Jones would win that though since she’s basically posting all of HBO’s Newsroom plotlines a year in advance.

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