Well, not quite yet. But seeing as how we work in the promotional department of this show, we want you to FEEL like it’s back at this very moment. Then we want to take that away from you when you realize there’s still hours left before Season 9 airs. The subsequent emotion with that realization, which we at FXX marketing call the “goddammit when does this show air” emotion, is how we keep prospective viewers engaged and aware of each minute ticking by that you’re NOT watching brand new episodes of Sunny. With our millions of dollars in advertising money, we are going to keep the time between now and 10pm riddled with constant reminders that you are not watching brand new Sunny, but it will be available in the future which you do not presently occupy – and by the way it’s really funny and you should watch it.

Season 9 is set to continue Sunny’s tradition of constantly reinventing itself, none of which will be spoiled on this blog. I absolutely hate spoilers – especially for comedy. Ruining payoffs for comedy is the worst thing ever. Just because I know exactly what happens during every episode and I’ve watched them all before you doesn’t mean I’ll do something stupid like blow a great joke or expose an unexpected punchline. For instance, there’s a certain T-Shirt featured in tonight’s episode that we’re going to start selling in the Sunny FX Shop — but it might be a spoiler if I told you what kind of T-Shirt or what it says. Think of this blog as a safe zone to visit before each episode. We want you guys to come here for pre-episode banter and post-episode behind-the-scenes clips. Also go buy that T-Shirt tomorrow. You’ll know which one it is.

More on the post-episode BTS clips, we were on set every day of filming; capturing moments between takes that you can see embedded right here on Paddy’s Pub Blog. Please subscribe to us on the yonder right menu bar – which means you’ll be notified every time we have an update. Take a look at our youtube channel to see what we’ve done with past seasons. We’ve got a lot of funny sketches, straight BTS, and other genres that we’re all hoping finally wins this show an Emmy for astounding web content on a basic cable show. If we don’t win, the network is going to sell us to China to write copy for pharmaceutical spam e-mail.

Check getfxx.com to see where you need to tune in tonight, and don’t forget to leave your comments below to tell us what else you’d like to see on this blog for Season 9. Cheers bitches!

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