TV show blogs may seem like a weird idea at first. People just aren’t used to following the writing of an anonymous person or persons who may or may not have any knowledge of the show they’re promoting. Hell, I don’t even read this blog. I’m literally screaming all of these words into my computer’s voice recognition software then blindly mashing “POST ENTRY” afterwards. Usually I’ll get an e-mail from Legal about blah blah threatening language whatever — I honestly don’t remember. I screamed at my computer a long time ago to mark those as spam.

My point is, we here at Paddy’s Pub Blog understand that we need to go an extra mile to nurture dependence from your average basic cable consumer. That’s why this year we all made sure to be on set for the entire run of Always Sunny Season 9, as an embedded behind-the-scenes webisode department. We. Filmed. Everything. There’s more hard drives in our office right now than the NSA; But instead of the closely guarded personal information of innocent citizens, it’s BTS footage from the brand new season of Sunny!

So after each episode, remember to visit Paddy’s Blog for more of the gang in behind-the-scenes sketches, interviews, and other moments on set that would have gone to waste without one of our cameras rolling. Or you could let us go the extra mile and remind you when new Sunny content is online. All you have to do is subscribe to us here:

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We’ll be helping you count down the days until new episodes, so keep checking back for all the information you need for when Sunny premieres September 4th, only on FXX. Yes that’s an extra X — Sunny’s moving to a new channel. Check the handy link below to see where to point your DVR’s:

Don’t worry, we’ll keep reminding you about that one.

So let us know what you hope to see from Sunny this year in the comments section below, or just post “First” like an idiot. We don’t care, it’s just good to be back. Here’s some Swedish promos:

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