Welcome back to the blog one last time everybody — Not because tonight’s episode is the Season 8 finale but because tomorrow the entire world is supposed to catch fire and evaporate or something. I have a feeling nobody’s going to mind so long as they’re caught up on Sunny, so congratulations on making it this far!

Check out our Facebook for a teaser of tonight’s episode:

This was without a doubt one of the greatest seasons of Sunny ever. I know I say that every year on the blog, but this season was extra special. I don’t know if each episode got juiced up because it was a shorter season or what, but god damn this entire season played like a “greatest of” box set despite the fact they were all brand new episodes. And from what I can tell, the internet agrees with me, so let’s all pay tribute to Sunny for giving us a truly top notch season. Saluti!

Tune in tonight at 10pm for the Season 8 finale, only on FX!

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