A lot of fans want to know where the “real” Paddy’s Pub is located, as if it’s hidden down some shady alley deep within the heart of Philadelphia.  Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but it’s unlikely that bar would have stayed open long enough to last 8 seasons either because it went bankrupt or its owners died from alcohol poisoning. Perhaps the closest thing we’ll get to consider a “real” Paddy’s actually exists in Downtown Los Angeles, in the old Herald Examiner Building. That’s where the original set for Paddy’s was built, and where the show filmed its first two seasons.

But before the gang set up shop, this building belonged to newspaper mogul William Randalph Hearst (the man “Citizen Kane” was based on). In this behind-the-scenes piece we take a tour through the history of the building where Sunny got its start, and why they keep coming back:

And of course it’s Thursday which means brand new Sunny! It’s a night for celebration at the gang’s favorite restaurant. But God help everyone else eating there, because as we all know you can’t put these characters anywhere near each other for prolonged periods of time without all hell breaking loose.

Check out the carnage tonight at 10pm, only on FX.

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