Isn’t this digital age great that we live in? I can just fling webisodes and blog posts around like it’s my job, and it turns out it is my job! And it’s other people’s jobs too? Holy shit, that’s great man. At this point you can basically just turn me into a computer and I’d be cool with that. On the internet, you never have a reason to pay attention to anything that’s physically happening around you. That reality stops mattering once you see you can start over in a brand new, more awesome reality.

And that’s fine with me, because the physical reality sucks and the price for failure is oftentimes a very permanent kind of death. However, if I fail at writing a good blog post, I just get sad and casually sip a beer. Maybe take a nap. That’s the reality I want to live in. Anyway I think that’s what the episode tonight is sort of about too but really I just wanted to put it out there that I am 100% down to be made into a computer. Not a robot, a computer. Like a Dell or something.

Just make sure you live in the reality where you watch brand new Sunny tonight at 10pm, only on FX.  And tune in to the blog right after for a very special lesson in intimacy from none other than Dennis Reynolds. Enjoy!

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