That was a frequently asked question among Sunny staff after seeing the list of episode titles for Season 7. This is before we had the script, mind you, so now of course the crew all know and have seen the thing get filmed--  But there were a few weeks where we had only a single cryptic episode title to go off, which led to some pretty wild speculations. We in the Sunny Webisode department of course realized this would be a fantastic opportunity to get to the bottom of the mystery by forcing every single crew member of the show to answer the age-old question: What the hell is Chardee MacDennis? As you can see below, they were total dicks about it.

Personally, I love a mystery. Even after the script for “Chardee MacDennis” hit our desks, I refused to read it. In fact, and I’m completely serious, I still have no goddamn idea what Chardee MacDennis is. Of course I saw little snippets of scene descriptions here and there, but for the most part I have remained spoiler-free. Maybe I’m OCD, or maybe I’ve just had too many moments of “Lost” spoiled by “friends”, but my soul gets shattered anytime I find something out that I was not meant to find out until the exact moment the creator had in mind. So with that out of the way, please click on the preview below for tonight’s episode!

Okay so I just watched it, and it’s really not that bad. Okay I’m kidding I didn’t watch it. Anyway, watch it if you don’t care about spoilers because you’re a normal person and I’ll keep waiting until the perfect moment to find out what the hell Chardee MacDennis is all about. I hear it’s a board game though.

Tune in tonight at 10pm, only on FX!

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