Hey folks, first of all here’s a special shout-out to the fans from guest star Naturi Naughton:

See I wanted to start with that just in case you hate me, because then you could be like “Oh what’s this blog asshole have to say, hey what the-- a video huh? Oh wow this is a great rendition of Dayman. I’m really glad I came here to this blog and saw that. I’m pumped for tonight!  Wonder what’s underneath the video, nah just more of this asshole typing-- what the, how is he typing exactly what I’m thinking?  Oh my god! How did he know I italicized that?!?! OH SHIT IT’S TOO MUCH IT’S TOO MU--GYAAAAAAAH[head explodes]“  And see that is how I murder my enemies over the internet.

Anyway, you’ll see plenty more of Naturi in tonight’s episode, which is absolutely packed with amazing guest stars. The titular character tonight is of course Frank’s Brother, Gino, played by Jon Polito. I can’t stress enough how incredible this casting choice is. Polito is simply perfect, you guys are going to lose your goddamn minds. In fact, this might be go down as one of the best episodes of Sunny ever made. Everything about it is astounding, from the set dressing to the insane story — this is going to be an unforgettable night of Sunny. And you’re gonna feel like a real jerk if you miss it, so tune in tonight at 10pm, only on FX.

And as always, we’ll have another crate full of exclusive webisodes on our Sunny Facebook Firsts page after tonight’s episode! Now I know some of you may be thinking “But I don’t have a Facebook, how am I going to watch the Sunny Facebook Firsts? Why do I have to--oh shit he’s doing it again! Oh no! NOOOOO HURRR[head explodes]“. But seriously you should get a Facebook account. I don’t know how else I’d be able to keep track of what all my friends who I don’t talk to anymore are eating for dinner. Plus you get to watch Sunny webisodes. Sold yet?

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