Hey everybody, sorry for the late blog post. I’m actually typing this from the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York so you’ll have to excuse me if I need to take a second to chant and shake my sign or fake-lunge at people in suits. Things are going really well here, and it must be some divine intervention that tonight’s episode is all about trying to take what the government rightfully owes you. On this Sunny, Dee scams the IRS with her nonexistent baby while the rest of the gang tries to install a democratic system into the way they run the bar. It’s a politically charged episode for sure, almost as politically charged as this dude getting tasered on the ground next to me.

Apparently a lot of people have been asking through Facebook what it’s like on the set of Sunny, and the answer is “pretty cool I guess” — but then again I’m not allowed on set anymore so I really have no idea what happens there. I did manage to stick around long enough to capture the first week of filming before I was caught plundering the craft services table and ejected from the building:

Anyway, I’ll keep fighting the good fight here on Wall St., as long as you guys tune in tonight at 10pm for brand new It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And don’t forget to check out our Sunny Facebook Firsts page for more exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. You know how hard it is to design a Facebook page like that? We had to get three government bail-outs just to hire enough foreigners to code it for us. Crazy!

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